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But what's there to complain hell she wasn't in episode 13 at all and like you said the plot needs to move forward regardless if some gets pushed a side for a bigger development (Marianne!?) so don't be disappointment a it'll make the later episodes wit her much better, but really what have you been watching for anyways?
Personally, I don't care about any of this geass stuff. I don't care about Marianne. I don't care who will be the next emperor. I don't care what Schneizel's plan is. And I don't even care what Suzaku's role will be down the stretch.

Kallen's scenes have always fascinated me and kept me craving for more. I want to see everything she does. I would prefer to see her eating sloppy-joes at the chow hall than see anything I saw in this episode. (That's just me though.)
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