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Let's work with GIMP

Hi people, recentlt I lost my Photoshop and was forced to start working with another desgin program knowed as GIMP, some people has PMsed me asking how to make sigs and avas with GIMP, I'm gona post some tutorials to work wioth this program who is very similar to Photoshop in some aspects


Let's start with making a simple avatar with GIMP, I'll also teach you some of the basic concepts of GIMP

1)When you open Gimp, the default window is one called GIMP, here we have the basic tools and the torrents to open and create documents, now, to create our Avatar document, simply let's go to File/ New...

Write the size of the avatar (100x100) in the space marked below

2) Now, a new window shoul appear showing your layer, now, Probably your Layer's window didn't appear when you opened GIMP, to activate it we just must click Ctrl+L or go Dialogues/ Layers

Your Layers Window shoul appear now and look like this:

3)Now, we are going to brinmg the image that we want to turn into an Avatar, to do it, go to the GIMP windoe and go, File/ Open...

I'm gona make an Avatar out of a Luigi Image, your Image shoul appear on a new window now

4) Now, we must resise our "Luigi" to a propery size in order to put it on our avatar, to rezizse an image, justy go Image/ Scale Image

Set the size at youyr preference, probably you'll have to do this more than one time in order to get the size you want

NOTE: Just add the size on weight and click ALT, Height will set automatically to keep the proportions of the image

5) Next, go to the Layer window of "Luigi", click on the Layer of Luigi and holding it, move it to your avatar space

6)Now, to adjust the position of "Luigi" in the Avatar, we are going to use the tool marked below

7) Move "Luigi" to the position you want

8) Now to add a simple border create a new TRANSPARENT Layer (obiusly on the layers of the avatar XP)

Ctrl+A and go Edit/ Stroke, 4 pixels woul do


To save, in the window of your avatar go File, Save

In the name of the Avatar put the name of your avatar (Luigi in my case) and THE EXTENTION, for example in my case is Luigi.JPEG

NOTE: When you save as JPEG, it will probably desplegate a warning window, just click on export and it will be done

And here you go! A simple Avatar made with GIMP

Now, in the future I'll post:

Signatures with GIMP
Text with GIMP
Animations with GIMP
and Renders with GIMP

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