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I don't think Hayate would join the SU that early. It'll completely defeat the purpose!

Originally Posted by Kyral View Post
Hm... Vivio x Elric Battle...

I don't know... Elric is not really the typ who would fight a loli.
You'll be surprised how she looks like unisoned with her Other Self.

Originally Posted by Kyral View Post
*fires a homing paper fan after Kha*

Nande ya ne!?

Don't worry its just nothing really. :P

~~~New Intelligence Data Updated~~~

More BetrayerS khrack, this time, it's officially Chapter 1 Scene 1, taking the doujin released as its Prologue.

And so, I give you:

Kha the Cleric's
Magical Lyrical BetrayerS

Chapter 1, Scene 1
Spoiler for BetrayerS Chapter 1 Scene 1:
I'm sorry, I think I got carried away with trying to make an epic opening and completely forgot that I wasn't playing Company of Heroes but writing a magical girl story...

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