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7th Batch.. finally

From a wallpaper to a signature .. The idea was simple in design, not so simple in practice @.@

Hah .. I love Tsukiumi and I cant lie. For once, I did a sig that nearly half a Mb in size and its actually just an oversized av :3

Yea I'm lazy >.>

Another funny scene of tsukiumi

Flustered cukiumi is just <3. OBJECTION!

So sue me XD .. I'm madly in love :3

I found a wallpaper of Kagami with cute chibi version of her. Then the idea just struck me =o .. And I just added Nia there for lolz.. Too bad its oversize to compete tho .. Kinda like it meself

Lucky bastard ... =_=

For some reason, I feel like returning to my old weird shape style back when I started to make siggy in 2005
And I still sux at making shapes D:

And I tried again.. <3 Tsukiumi .. I probably stuck with this sig for a very long time :x

I hate slice siggy, unfortunately, its the only way to make this sig under limit :shake fist at filesize limit: 4 of my favourite pic of skullfairy pairing. 2 made by the excellent lone_wolf

Tried something flashy, but somehow, the BG turn opaque on png-8/gif =.= .. only png-24 really show correctly, but at the cause of filesize. Remember slice tool suddenly ... O.o

Cheap way out

Slice tool to the rescue!

Probably my SotM entry (but then again its been snatched by someone).. I dont know yet, but after watching ep 22 SE, it just had to be done >_<!

Its been a while since I last do a request Still Skull fairy sig.

Well, I keep tweaking my Tsukiumi sig so its not finished as off yet @.@ In return, a sig that invades dream >.< Well, half of it, full version was nearly half a Mb and I was so mad that I totally redo them, without saving =.=

Yey.. another Tsukiumi sig on showcase.. This one is special as it have a different animated part with different frame count D:

I like the matrix movie ^______^

Woo... a static sig? Here's the story, I totally forgot how to do brushing sig.. so I thought I do one.. and you get this insanely lame static sig

I got mindblock when it came to the quote part.. Sounds a bit cheesy sorry

15 sigs already

LOL at loser! big FAT fail for you!

Kairin (edited from Iroha of Y's game) for SotM October.

SotM November candidate. Halfway done and its already full limit. =_=

Dont feel like its militaristic enough .. oh well

Weee, 7th batch full
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