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Originally Posted by Var View Post
So you're telling me that people who, in a rush of hormones and testosterone, kill someone unwittingly to survive (an instinct) is similar to someone openly seeking to be killed and planning it ahead of time? Plotting automatically removes the basis for it being instinctual, and we know C.C. has been plotting her own agenda.
In a thought spot you create a plot to increase you'r chances to survive. Just because of the instict. Simple as that. I won't even bother arguing something like this anymore

No. She gave them unbridled power. Any person with half a brain will tell you that 9 out of 10 times that will not end well. Unless you're going to tell me C.C. used a thorough screening process to check who she gave her geass too.
Well, it's been proven that C.C was monitoring L.L to some extend.
Maybe she even formed the pact with him because of that. We'r yet to know, but even from my point of the view it sounds far too redicilous. Still we won't know if this is false or not.
Also, I can't really see how % would make you quilty... Well, mather of an opinion.

No. Throwing a rock is not giving Humans ultimate power, your anology is absolutely terrible. The more appropriate scenario is the one village one gun scenario. Where you give one person a gun to protect themselves, while not giving it to everyone else. Do you know what happens in that scenario? The village is wiped out.
Giving a power doesn't inevitabily mean that a disaster will occur. That's a simple fact. The very same aplies to geass. The village won't nessescarily get wiped out. It's only possibility, it's a %, a chance... As I've stated many times: You can't find ought from is, meaning: You can't say how things are ought to be/turn out by just seeing how things are..
This aplies in this case aswell, Giving a gun in that case doesn't mean the village will get wiped out, that's it. It might get wiped out or not. You'll only see by testing and each proccess in unique.
Just stop claiming something which is totally not true.
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