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The Path to Perdition: History of the Imperium von Belka

Originally Posted by Keroko View Post
Except that, well, Chrono already dragged most of the navy to the SU side.
Even if they were left with 20% of their original force, 20% of 20 billion is still a hefty force for a small country like Belka. Furthermore, they are more organized than the defectors, who at the moment are only concerned with joining the SU, and the SU has not yet established proper Command and Control amongst the new forces. Jeremiah has to strike and rob them of their moral strength before the SU can regroup, and to that end, they had their own loyalists standing by once Belka closed its borders in protest to Hayate’s “illegitimate” regime change.

Like I said, Chrono will delve more on this “loyalist” faction, but I can say for now that Belka aren’t the only ones with families of nobility surviving to the present day.

Originally Posted by Keroko View Post
Well, Keroko can see the merrit of mass-based weaponry, but she doesn't like the extreme militarization that came about during the reformation. This new militairy doesn't have a place for the loose 'will concider orders as guidelines' Rogue Squadron, so she and her Squadron gathered some supportive members and went Rogue. Literally. She didn't join Fate in the idealism, so she began a lone mercenary life, untill Chrono picked her up and let her in on the plan. Keroko's first reaction was why the hell the Rogues weren't let in on this, concidering how absurd this plan was, it was right up their alley. Chrono explained that this strategy was planned over a long term, and while Keroko is great in short-term planning, the scope of this was too big, so they let her in the dark.

Or at least, that's what I have so far. Adjustments can be made if needed.
To ensure that independent players keep up the act, the greater plan cannot be revealed until all the Aces are gathered. So I’d propose a change of Chrono letting Keroko in on it to one of “hiring” her skills and willing to pay any price to get her on the SU’s bankrolls. Any probe will be answered with “because I need all the best hands I can get, and we’re friends after all.” Keroko might tell that there’s something else going on, and maybe a hint of “someday, I’ll let you know.” Like the truth of Riot 6’s formation, it can be held until the most opportune moment.

What do ya say?

Reposting from the Music thread:
Originally Posted by JINNSK View Post
...Nobody is going to translate the SSX Booklet...why...
...can i try?Excuse my bad translation...

i guess there may be many mistakes.
please correct if i am wrong.

History Of Belka

History of ancient Belka~From the prehistory to the age of war
A long time ago,Belka that was born as one of the world which floated in the sea of the dimensions made the fight at each countries interval intensify by the superior weaponeering technology.Belka countries performed aggression to not only own nations but also another world, and they enlarged their territory.
An alliance,an agreement,hostility.The figure of the invasion always changed by power balance between the world and the constant war passed for a long time and continued.In addition, about the superior weaponeering technology of Belka,it is said that there was a technology outflow from the world "Al hazard" that was called the volost in eternity of the dimension world.

Kings of Belka
After the war of Belka passed for a long time,the war came to a deadlock and the weaponeering was promoted more intensely.
Before about 1000 years,the study of the artificial living entity accomplished big evolution as of middle part for the war period,kings reinforced own body and they forced it on their descendant.
The King of ガレア(Garea?) got ability to produce the nuclei of the corpse weapon endlessly in his body.The Sankt Kaiser made himself the key of ultimate weapon and the user of it.
Other Many King also got excessive ability and were proud as a symbol of the power.
It was the insane era that the technology to demand human's body, life, and linker core for a purpose to get power evolved.

End of the war
Because the ground of Ancient Belka became extinct virtually, the war was over.
The people of Belka were exterminated suddenly,the ground of Belka is still the land where anyone cannot live in by pollution.It is considered that some kind of mass weapons were used or caused an accident.However, any certain evidence is not yet discovered.After ground of Belka was lost,some factions were scattered to the other world and were going to plan a comeback.However, the families of Sankt Kaiser brought other countries under control and planned Belka unification.This war is called "Sankt Kaiser unification War" in particular.And the cradle disappeared during the wartime,they stopped declaring that they were blood relatives of Belka.In addition, the tradition and the armament of the ancient Belka magic almost became extinct in this time, too.
Thus, ancient Belka war terminated, and it is told as "war without the winner".

Then,Modern Belka
The history of the war of Belka and the many technology that were developed......especially,mass weapon and the technology named as "a lost logia" had a great influence on the later dimension world.
By the achievement that ended war,the family of Sankt Kaiser was praised and established Saint church.
From these days,Midchilda extended power by development of the magic technology.At last they established an organization for a purpose to break dangerous mass weapon and interchange between the dimension world.This organization became the TSAB later.
Then,The Saint church which made an effort for the establishment of the peaceful organization got own country as Belka autonomous district in a part of Midchilda.
They have maintained the lost history of Ancient Belka and handed down to the present day.
Outflow of Alhazred, weapon technology pioneers, preoccupation with war...

Yeap it was Imperium von Belka indeed. Only too bad that the Multiverse wasn't doomed when the Imperium's guns went silent.

This is remarkable though. With the fracturing of the Imperium before its ultimate collapse, this means not only is my lore not contrived, but expanded. Lost chapters of Astarta? Wayward colonies of Belka waiting to be brought back into the fray? Stubborn strongholds that still reject TSAB control today? Chaos? And the Eye of Terror being where the old Belka Capitalis was?

So shoot me; I'm not stopping!

Originally Posted by Sheba View Post
So taking my inspiration from Ancient Rome when I started my own take on Ancient Belka was not the wrong thing to do after all?
Considering that the Imperium of Man drew heavy references to Rome, I don't see why the hell not.

And so, I agree that this piece of information can go in many directions, but where I'm concerned...

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