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Let's work with GIMP

My second tutorial of graphic works using GIMP, now I alredy posted many of the basics like opening files and saving in the last tutorial here


We will make a simple, textless signature, First of all, we must choose our render, I'll make a sig out of Taki from Soul Calibur

PD: Yes, I made the render and it's free to be used if you want

NOTE: Important, I'm only gona put EXAMPLES, you must play a bit and try your own ideas

1) Firs we are gona make the BG for our sig, first, we must create our sig Layer (I'm using a 400x120 one) Now, we are going to use our filling color tool and fill our Sig layer with a color of our preference

2) Now, we need a C4D, I'm using this one

We will place our C4D on the sig layer and then we will set the layer of the C4D as "Screen"

3) I know what are you thinking, it doesn't looks good right? Don't worry, we will fix that, in our sig layer we are going Image/ Apply image, then we will go to Colors/ Colorfull and set the options your preferences, yes, you need to play a bit here until you get what you want, have fun!

Looks beter, right?

4) Now that we have our BG ready, let's put our render on the sig layer, probably you'll have to rotate it and resise it to have it in the position you want, simply go to the GIMP window and there you'll find the Rotate tool and the Scale tool

5)Now, we need to adjust the colors of our "Taki" to fits them with the ones of the BG, to do this, selkect the Layer of our "Taki" And go Colors/ Balance Colors, you'll also have to play a bit here until get what you want

6) Now, we will ad a "Runing efect" to our Taki, I'll teach you a little trick, first, duplicate our "Taki" render, select the duplicated layer and go Filtres/ Blur/ Moving blur, set the optiuons to this ones

Now your sig should look like this

Just move the duplicated layer beneath the original and you'll have this

Nice trick, eh? You can play a lot with this to make variuos things, you just need to experimentate a bit

7) Next, we will add a "Light efect" to the Blade of Taki, to do this first, go Image/ Apply image, then go Filtres/ Lights and Shadows/ Supernove, select a white color in the section marked below and set the options to the marked ones

8) Next, we will add a border, now in the last tutorial I teached you how to add a simple border, for this sig, we will create something diferent

First, create a new transparent Layer, then clicl Ctrl+A and Go Edit/ Stroke, select 6 pixels, then in the GIMP window select another color and go again Edit/ Stroke and this time place it with 4 pixels, go to the GIMP window again, select the first color you used and go again Edit/ Stroke and this time, 2 pixels

Good Border, Uh?

Your final resule must be something similar to this:

The only thing that this Sig seems to need is a Text, but that will be another tutorial XP

Hope you found it usefull, remember, the most important is to practique
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