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Originally Posted by Nagumo View Post
Sorry for the late reply, I had been thinking over your question regarding whether the Church and Carim are actively spreading the word about Vivio or if they are trying to keep it under wraps…

I don’t see any evidence canonically, be it by cd drama or anime or manga, of the Church or Carim going out of their way and announcing the return of the Sankt Kaiser. That being said, you do have to remember that Vivio the moeblob was the fuel/controller of the Cradle and involved in a worldwide terrorist act, even if she was rather reluctant. I mean, you just can’t cover up things like that.

Now, unless the TSAB has wonderful information controls to hide facts about Vivio and the media on Midchilda are absolutely incompetent, I’m willing to bet that the media of Midchilda was all over the story and managed to find out a bit about Vivio and her role. Figuring out or positing that she is a clone of the Sankt Kaiser since the legendary Cradle, a weapon only useable by those who possess the blood of the Sankt Kaiser.

The knowledge that the legendary weapons of the Ancient Belkan War could only be controller by the “Kings” seems to be common knowledge. So add two and two together, you get four. Massive legendary weapon, check. Known to be only controlled by the Belkan Sankt Kaiser, check. Child rescued from the place and adopted by Nanoha, etc, etc… Well ain’t that suspicious?

You also forget that the Church is… well… how the Japanese probably see Christianity as with their own Shinto influences thrown in. Worshiping a person as a ‘kami’ (I’m reluctant to use the English word, god, because it has a loaded and nuanced word to most people) is not at all unusual in Shinto. I mean, this is a country that used to worship the Emperor as a kami during World War 2.

Also when people die in Japan, they are regarded as ‘hotoke’ or literally, became a Buddha. Not because they’ve become enlightened but because they’ve died and become ‘kami’, worthy of worship as ancestor spirits on their family altars. It wouldn’t too much of a stretch if the person was impressive enough they’ll worship the person after death as a god. I mean, take a look at the Chinese god Guan Yu. An actual once living man and general who lived during the Three Kingdoms period, died and has become a popularly worshipped as a deity of loyalty and righteousness.

I’ve even met a physical ‘kami’ in Japan that happened to be in the form of a person as I traveled throughout Shikoku during my 88 temple pilgrimage. You want to know who she is? A granny who is, if still alive, over a hundred years old and has gone completely senile. A phase where the person has now become a ‘kami’ because they no longer inhabit the real world but the domain of the gods in their old age in the view of the older members of the family who takes care of her. But really, it just means she’s not all there and the old superstitions of where her mind/spirit (kokoro) is wandering about when she’s not all there is in play.

It would not be surprised if people started putting Vivio into their prayers because they regard her as the ‘kami’ of the Church. She is the ‘kami’ made flesh and currently walks amongst them as a human once again.
Very good sociological take on the situation. Saved for further reference. >=3
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