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Kallen's Big Moment??

I don't know if anyone missed this posting I did a while back. It had to do with the the most recent episode summary for episode 22 Emperor Lelouch. I noticed it was odd that the summary doesn't even mention Kallen, but the summary in the magazine uses an image of Kallen.
Spoiler for summary with a huge spoiler:

I had noticed that this seemed similar with the preview for episode 21. Marianne's name was never mentioned in the summary, but it was her image that graces the summary. She did on the other hand play a huge role in the events of that episode.

I mentioned that the fact it's Kallen's image on the preview, but nowhere in the summary, could mean something big for Kallen. I was often soundly put down saying it didn't mean anything at all.

Thanks to the very kind efforts of Koshimizu I think my theory has been proven correct. Check out this post of hers. She shows the trend I pointed out that the pictures of the characters and the events are connected.
You will notice that the character image shows a character who has a huge influence of the events in that episode. Whether it is named after them or not.

The preview for episode 22 also shows that Kallen and Lelouch will be together at some point.
This also doesn't mean that things will be positive for that character. V.V. died, Shirley died, and we found out that Marianne was a horrid mother.
In balance this also doesn't mean anything bad. From other summaries that are out there is seems Lelouch will be trying to bring peace to the world and ending the war. Normally, any event in Ashford has always been something pleasant (with the exception of R1 16 "Nunnally Held Hostage").
R1 06- Stolen Mask
R1 21- Declaration at the School Festival
R2 05- Knight of Rounds
R2 12- Love Attack!
Seeing how this episode seems to be about lightening the mood right before things get serious. Much in the same way Declaration at the School Festival did before things got serious.
If this sticks to trend everything could be finally falling into place for Lelouch and his plans. Of course we all know that when things look good. They will take a sudden turn. This will lead us to the last great battle taking up the last 3 episodes. Much as the same way season one ended.

These are my thoughts, but I think we may have enough cause to be cautiously optimistic for this episode. We can tell from the episode preview that by this meeting Lelouch must have freed Japan. Kallen is standing in Ashford in her Black Knights clothes. Once he's done that how could she think he betrayed them? He just handed them everything they had ever wanted. I'll be very interested to see if he called her there, or if she found him. Perhaps even she remembered what he asked her back in R2-09. He asked her that when the war was over if she would return to Ashford with him.
Fate of the 4KOMAS
I really hope so, because the way this series will end will have an effect on my 4koma series. I wrote about it on my devArt journal. Read here for full details:
I talk about the fate of the Code Geass 4komas and on the possibility that I may even be making season one 4komas.
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