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Next battle looks like Black Knights against Lelouch. All the actors are certainly on the stage it seems. Nonette will probably appear randomly next episode.
... Ha. Hm. So I wonder if Schneizel's goal is to destroy Britannia while at the same time assuming control of the UFN...? In the extended preview there is a shot of the red army moving away from Damocles. It looks like they're in formation so who knows what could be happening.

I can see something like this:

Schneizel: Here empress Nunally. Take this magic button and make the world a better place! For peace!

Nunally: I will end Lelouch's pain.

Battle starts. Nunally holds thumb on button.

Schneizel: You should press the button now. Damocles is within range.

Nunally: I'll wait so we can take them out all at once.

Schneizel: Oh I like that!

An hour passes. The battle starts off and Albion/Seiten clash.

Schneizel: Hey! Look! Everyone's here! Press the button for a new world!

Nunally: I think I will play with my magic button some more before I press it. Doing that will make me appear more evil. But our plan is doing the world good right?

Schneizel: Oh yes! You're so wonderful Nunally! Doing this for brother Lelouch. Oh I like that!

4 hours later. Seiten joins Albion on Lelouch's side. Toudo follows suit. Black Knights begin to fall back and loose considerable ground.

Schneizel: Did you press it yet?!!

Nunally: Press what?

Schneizel: The button!! Its magic will create a new world! With RAINBOWS!! ^_^

Nunally: Really? With red paper cranes that will fly off into the sky?

Schneizel: Yes!!! The red cranes will fly in the sky and create RAINBOWS!! ^_^.... ... ... .. ;-^_^

Nunally: I will press the button right when brother thinks he has won. That way Lelouch can see how wrong he was before he dies.

Schneizel: You are AWESOME! So evilishly GOOD! It is a great pleasure and honor to serve your will, Nunally. Everything will be okay in the new world!! Oh I like that!

Someone appears to grab Schneizel from behind and turn him around. Its Lelouch about to throw a punch.

Lelouch: Then you're going to LOVE me!!

Lelouch uses his own magic button to geass cancel Nunally.

Nunally: Schneizel, you talk with rainbows coming out of your face. But really its all just rainbows coming out of your ass.

Schneizel: Oh noes!!

Kanon looks at Schneizel. Thinks of Willy Wonka Johnny Depp. He smiles.

Kanon: You're WEIRD!
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