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First two sections

I want Kallen to find true happiness!

Question: About the kiss in Turn 22.
Ami: I'm also surprised by that kiss. Before this, I interpret Kallen as having no romantic feelings toward Zero or Lelouch. So I was like, "no kidding?! I've mistaken?!"
But the director want me to show that Kallen is anxious from not knowing Lelouch's feelings towards her, and is seeking an answer no matter what. An idea comes to head, "if I come this far, maybe Lelouch will say something." Without too much thinking nor noticing her feelings, she acts. When she kisses and Lelouch doesn't respond, it's the first time she notices, "woa, I really like this guy." That's what the director said.

Question: So Kallen thinks she likes Lelouch.
Ami: Maybe she didn't realize it before because she mixed this feeling with loyality. Although she notices it now, there's nothing she can do under that situation. She can't just insist to go with him. It isn't Kallen's character to do so.
Kallen is considerate to people around her. She will not allow her selfishness to get in the way. That's the type that doesn't get happiness, right? *laughs*

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