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(First two sections are here.)

Question: What about Suzaku?
Ami: She was captured and almost injected with Refrain. That's really mean of him, right? I think beating him up makes her feel refreshed.
Suzaku thinks if it's wartime, it can't be helped if you have to kill your friend. I think that's why Kallen dislikes him, and knowing that such a person is following Lelouch irritates her.

Question: Which Kallen scene gives you a strong impression?
Ami: Lately it's the conversation with Nunnally. Although they werein Ashford together, they didn't get to talk in private. It's the first time the two of them can sit down and talk about their beloved brothers, and share their thoughts of a peaceful world. I think if they were able to talk eariler, they would have become good friends and might have changed a lot of things.

Question: Is there anyone you really want to say something to?
Ami: Yes! To Ougi-san!
In Turn 16, when the UFN request Black Knights to liberate Japan, Rakshata said, "that'll also save Kallen". Ougi-san, your response was so vague!
It was written on the script (in brackets) "actually he forgot"!
When I was captured, you were secretly dating Chigusa, saying I love you, and then fall off a cliff. What are you doing? Ougi-san!!

Question: Please give fans a message!
Ami: For fans who like Kallen as loyal follower of Zero, I'm really sorry. I think from now on, Kallen will think and act on her own. Anyway, please look over her till the end.
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