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The Emperor of the Holy Kalulu Empire will now announce his speculations. Due to how the Second Era is now changing greatly, there will be only a few specualations. The previous speculation can be viewed here:

1. UFN declares war on Schneizel's forces, considering them the same type of threat as Lelouch. However, this does not mean that they are working with the current Britannian regime.

2. Gino manages to contact Kallen, and Anya (who had escaped from Schneizel) tells them of what the White Prince has in mind. They agree to work together to stop the world from becoming completely destroyed, and to stop Lelouch and Suzaku from going down the Path of the Demon completely.

3. Nina develops a counter-measure to FREIJA

4. Nunnally fires a FREIJA on the UFN forces.

5. The battle between Kallen and Suzaku ends in a "victory" for Kallen, when Gino/Anya manages to distract Suzaku. However, this does not mean Suzaku is out of the war yet.

6. The Sword of Akasha will play an important role in the final battle.

7. Lelouch wins the conflict with Schneizel, and brings forth a new world. However, he himself will not be part of the new world. He will be remembered as the worst tyrant in history.

8. Suzaku manages to view this new world, but cannot enjoy it. He will be remembered as the most powerful Knight in history.

9. C.C. will get her wish.

10. The world will be unified under the UFN.

11. Ougi will be remembered as a hero who liberated Japan.
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