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Originally Posted by htpcfan
超時空遊俠 -- I really loved this anime as a kid, but I have no idea what the english/japanese name of this is, only the Mandarin name (with timetravelling teapot 飛天壺 ^_^ |||)

So the premise (however stupid it is) is that somehow Leonardo da Vinci gets teleported to the future by a future counterpart. He develops this time-travelling er, kettle, which teleports this soccer kid and techie girl into like Arabia in 1000AD, where they run into this evil/funny/short/pudgy wizard, who takes posession of the time travelling kettle.

Chaos ensues when he teleports to random times each episode while trying to abduct the princess of the country, bringing along the kids, the silly prince, a laughing genie-in-a-lamp who looks like a poorly costumed superman, and later this little fire-breathing dragon.

This aired in the 80's I think in Asia... wahh it was such a classic...
Didn't that kettle wear sunglasses? I believe what you are mentioning is one of the lesser-known Time Bokan series anime, "Time Trouble Tondekeman" The professor was not called "da Vinci," but was referred to as Professor Leonardo
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