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I find it hard to apply the same performing-actions-desired-from-him logic to past Alto/sheryl interactions ( except for Ep 23 dinner scene- I'll touch on that later) because alto's almost always in tsun-tsun mode when he's with her, isnt overly nice to her & tends to disagree/argue/ banter with her a lot. She tends to throw him off balance & out of character most of the time which is why I dont think he's playing any role at all when he's with her.
Yes, that's completely true. We get to see two polarities with our heroines. A helpless girl desperately in need of a protector and a strong willed woman who doesn't let others decide her own actions. I agree with you that Ranka was the first person who made an 'impression' on Alto. Right from the very beginning both of them fell into their respective roles. Even though Alto didn't know her the first time they met he still offered her the same kind of help he did later on. Ranka's character complements with someone who could be the exact opposite of her. Thus, she draws people who are willing to offer her help. The feelings might develop from sympathy or even pity but nothing permanent will ever be created. That is true unless the other party has a strong submissive tendencies and Alto is not such person.

At first Alto was, as even he stated, drawn to her with the need of protection. Ranka demanded that and he was willing to offer it. As we later learn it was a direct result of his lack of proper resolve. Justification of his own actions was only this simple at first. World is a very harsh place though. Alto realized his own mistake as the time passed. I like to think that his 'sky' that he believed was true as only as strong as the fragile Frontier.

Sheryl on the other hand never demanded things Ranka did. She was fine on her own. As you pointed it out aneeshadc, there was no actor - heroine interaction between them. Even if it was rocky at first it always had a fresh feel of lack of masks. On the contrary, as much as Sheryl never required protection, she sough companionship. Alto being a honest person offered her a fair share of quality interaction. As we know she never got to experience such things earlier. I believe that with time Sheryl's needs developed from a need of a friend to a need of a person to love. Alto on the other hand could not satisfy those needs because he lacked the real grasp on his motivation. I believe that he is still not ready to offer her what she needs. Still, all obstacles in doing so were removed during past few episodes.

I dont know hw much of what I've written is actually true, or whether I'm viewing everything through my shipper goggles but it fills in a lot of the missing pieces for me & definitely makes me appreciate alto more, when I couldnt figure out hw he could be so dense & clueless before when he was really anything but. I'm really hoping I got him pegged rite, I'm loving this new/real Alto,
Oh, don't you dare to question your own words especially when you pour your own heart out like this. I agree with you completely. You did one hell of a good job here. Congrats

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