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Originally Posted by aneeshadc View Post
It just fits, sounds to me like he's been playing the role of her protector because she needed him to & also because he needed a reason other than running away from home to justify his actions of joining SMS. He needed an outlet for his frustrations & Ranka unknowingly provided it for him. Not to say that he didnt genuinely like her or anything, I'm sure he did, but there were still a lot of underlying reasons for Why he seemed to gravitate more towards ranka.
I agree completely with that. Like you said, not to say he didn't like her but he was also using her as a reason to fly. When Brera showed up is when he started to have doubts about himself. He did like her, a lot I'd even say but that like wasn't based on them growing or changing.

Thats probably Why Brera always seemed to rub him the wrong way. This is probably when he seriously begins to second guess himself & his reasons for joining SMS. Ep 18 shows his hesitancy & reluctance to cast himself solely as ranka's protector. Its probably also when he realizes that he doesnt hate Frontier as much as he thought he did. Ep 20, he asks ranka to sing for the people of frontier, then Ep 21, where he is willing to use Ranka as bait to save fronteir, albeit reluctantly, Ep 22, he stays behind to defend frontier, granted Sheryl was probably his primary reason for staying behind & then finally in Ep 23 we see him willing to consider killing Ranka to save Frontier. He starts out hating Frontier because of lack of a real sky to being willing to go to any lengths to defend & protect his homeland.
Yep. I always thought the Brera jealously was less about being jealous about Ranka spending time with someone else and more about Alto being pissed off at himself for his inability to protect her. I never bought for a second Brera/Alto/Ranka was any type of love triangle because Alto's issues with Brera had little to do with Ranka. When she no longer needed him to protect her, he got frustrated and doubted himself.

I find it hard to apply the same performing-actions-desired-from-him logic to past Alto/sheryl interactions ( except for Ep 23 dinner scene- I'll touch on that later) because alto's almost always in tsun-tsun mode when he's with her, isnt overly nice to her & tends to disagree/argue/ banter with her a lot. She tends to throw him off balance & out of character most of the time which is why I dont think he's playing any role at all when he's with her. I think we get rare glimpses of his real self when he's around her- like in the shelter scene in ep 3 he admits in anger that as he is he doesnt think he's capable of offering protection, in ep 5 his insight into why he's drawn to fly like sheryl & ranka are drawn to sing, in ep 6 when he admits to hating Frontier because there's no real sky, ep 9 sheryl asks him on the phone why he joined SMS & soon after he thinks abt his father & reiterates that he's not running away, Ep 19, he gets mad at sheryl because she's lying to herself, seems to have taken this a little too personally, maybe its cos he's been lying to himself as well, I dont know,.........etc, etc.
I think they both throw each other off balance. She does impulsive things and has to try to turn it around to mean nothing (like when she kissed him) and he drops whatever role he is playing. I'd say Alto x Sheryl is more real because there is no pretense there. She's not asking for anything and he's not being forced to act out anything when he's with her. He can be selfish, or tsun tsun or stupid Alto without worrying. Ranka was always in take mode, but he was always willing to do it so you can't fault her. But to be fair, there are a few places Alto is genuinely talking to Ranka. When she first sung Aimo for him and when she left with Brera are the two that stick out to me. The beginning and ending of their relationship pretty much.

The vibe I got from the two of them was that they were forcing themselves to act normally for the sake of the other & trying not to think abt the fact that she didnt have long to live, not to mention sheryl probably thought that he was with her because he pitied her. They were both playing roles & werent completely being themselves & its interesting to note that both seemed to sense the change in the other but still couldnt grasp the real reason why they were behaving differently from usual.
That's pretty obvious. Alto is putting up a brave face for her and she is acting like everything is okay. He'd like to do more for her you can tell, but she's still keeping him at a distance. She won't give in totally because she doubts the reason he is even with her.

I think you are fair. Great tl;dr. I actually don't see him acting full time. I think he likes to fly regardless. He will continue to fly always. Once he knows his true reason for flying then he'll be happier. I kind of hope Alto and Sheryl are the flying and performing duo somewhere after the show is over.
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