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Originally Posted by Micante View Post
Just means that she's a Jack-of-All-Trades. That isn't a bad thing, those kind of people are needed in the world.

Anyways, she doesn't really need to be in the world of Lelouch. Hell, no one really needs Lelouch. People just want Lelouch and the writers know that, so they make it seem like they do need to be in the world of Lelouch. I somehow feel like Lelouch is the only thing that matters to every single character on the show (I'm overexaggerating, don't bring up Ougi and Viletta) and I'm not quite sure that's a good thing.
That's not the story from Kallen's point of view.

While at first Lelouch (as Zero) was just a leader-figure who also "replaced" her brother, Lelouch himself is a completely different story. Over the year while being with C.C., Kallen became to know the man behind the mask, the Lelouch who was just a classmate. Knowing that an Imperial Prince was going against the Empire was hard enough to understand, but add in the various human aspects which is different from the calculating Zero made her closer to the human.

The closeness over the time gap was what slowly keep Kallen focused on Lelouch. Although she wanted to believe she was just following him as Zero, getting to know the human made her interested in Lelouch himself. This developed into feelings that would explode in the Kiss. The question that has been bugging her: "What is she to Lelouch, the man behind the mask of Zero?"
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