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Originally Posted by Lolipopo View Post
Pfff I didn't intedn to die and finally I fall asleep to wake up this much early -_-'
This ending Turn is going to drive me crazy, I really hope that everything will be fine, our empire fought with honor, pride and loyality and it was a pleasure to be with you all
We know that we have the logic side with us, but we know too that this is a Taniguchi's show, if he wants to please the fans *coughCluClucough* and ruins Kallen he can.

So let's try to hope for the worst.

-Kallen dies
-Kallen is telling her gum line to Gino/Paired with Gino in the epilogue
-Kallen doesn't get a decent resolution with Lelouch
-Kallen is shown as the jealous girl unable to understand Lelouch, until the end
-C.C. get Lelouch ( Yeah it's a part of the worst thing to me, I assume)
-Suzaku wins over Kallen who stays in her Rage mode until the very end of the serie
-Kallen tells her gumline to herself/About Japan/About Nunally/About everyone (all the situations already enumerate in this very thread)
-Kallen ends up alone with her mother as a consolation ending, whereas Lelouch is shown in a happily ever after with C.C. then shd didn't had her part of the cake (meaning : Her chara song has no sense)

A lot of those possibilities seems kinda impossible to me, but who knows; 2 years that I'm watching Code Geass, I really hope to see a wonderful ending but who knows. Anyway it was pretty fun to defend Kallen against some trolls, and we had interesting discussion. For Kang, Var, and every Kalulu fan banned, let's keep faith, ALL HAIL KALULU !

Xellos sama is right, we have the logic with us. It could be useful if CG was still alogic show but...let's believe in a decent resolution to Kallen.
Whoah there. Those are really the worse things to expect. Let's try something more positive, okay?

Just wanna get this off my chest before the series ends. Even if Kalulu won't become canon, it'll still be my OTP. I started watching the series liking Kallen and later on, I started liking his relationship with Lelouch. It's not just Kallen's char development in the anime that made me like her a lot, I like Kallen and Kalulu for the following less popular reasons:

1. They even tease Kallen about Kalulu. The newtype sound drama special about the bank robbery.
Spoiler for scene:

We all know how that turned out in the end.

There's also that part in the Lelouch vs. Suzaku track in R2 sound episode 1. It's the part in which

Spoiler for for those who have not heard the track:

It's a sound drama that breaks the 4th wall, yet you got to wonder why they keep something like that.

2. I know this is not canon, but in Kallen's novel, there's a scene in which Kallen, Lelouch, and Suzaku, meet as children. This was a very short scene and happened before Britannia invades Japan.

I tried my best to translate that scene. Is it alright to post a bit of it?

Spoiler for short excerpt from Vermillion Trail:

These are the things that I wish they had shown in the series. It would such a cute scene. We also get to see and know more about Naoto. Yeah, I know. This is not canon.

3. There's even a bit of Kalulu in the latest CG Nintendo DS game. What's the title of that again? I haven't played the game yet. But, IIRC,

Spoiler for about Kallen:

Even the games like to tease them.

4. Before the series teased about Kalulu, there were already said teases in the manga. I wonder if the anime did not take a leaf from the manga in that coat-lending scene in v04, haha. I liked how they Kalulu in the first four volumes of the manga.

I'm not saying these things to say that Kalulu should be the canon pairing but that these are the things that make it my OTP. And I rarely pick those in all the animes I have watched.

What about you guys? What makes you like your fandoms?
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