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I was about to post the same SS as Twilight, but hopefully it clears up things for "some" people. The VF was obviously sliding to the right of the screen for us, same as Sheryl moving her head to the right to look at Alto.

The VF faces Battle Frontier, making the salute -obviously- to Sheryl. Sheryl responds in kind, facing directly the camera embedded on the screen (on her left, right in front of Alto's VF in the scene), thus showed looking straight at the screen when watching Ranka's scene (Ranka's screen, showing Sheryl, is on her right). Ranka is then facing straight -AWAY- from Alto and the screen, probably looking outside at Ai Kun or being a Camera hog for the Frontier live feed (reminding me of Minmey, more concerned about her stage performance than Hikaru).
An other explanation for Sheryl facing the camera straight while responding to Alto, is that they have opened a private video channel, which Ranka is not sharing (thus her seeing Sheryl's response to Alto, and not Alto himself).

Two other scenes have received very little attention:

1) When Ranka shows up and empowers the Vajra to a full frontal attack, both the Quarter and the Battle Frontier are hit.
What we hear:
Alto: SHERYLU !!!
Ozma: KATHY !!!
Each reaction followed by a quick scene showing the objects of their ... attention
There is an an obvious parallel between the couples, both Sheryl and Kathy being in (perceived) danger.

2)Other scene: At the end, Alto flys in Ex-Gear, and mentions that he now has his sky, thanks to Sheryl and Ranka (mentionning Sheryl first), and then his earring, given by Sheryl, starts to glow.

Oh, and the right hand ahead, he visibly put it to his front in the middle, not aiming at his right or left (just like Kawamori San had him flying exactly in between them right before), it means nothing.

I'll leave it at that ...

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