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Originally Posted by console65 View Post
What hole are you talking about?
The hole on the HG and 1/100 00 Gundam's backpack.

And, some more info, this time regarding Graham Aker from the audio drama Road to 2307:

Originally Posted by Calubin_175

Graham's first account of his midair transformation was back in 2304, when he was trialling the Iris Co produced YMS-01a Flag. Eifman and Billy whom were on site were mesmerised by this unprecedented midair transformation, thus dubbing this skill as the Graham Maneuver and Graham Special respectively.

The purpose of the trial was to decide which model will become the Union's next mainstay weapon. In competition with the Flag was Belfactory's "Blast" which was described as an enhanced version of the Realdo. Apparently, the test pilot for the Blast was Graham's mentor, Sleg Sletcher, whom he had a small grudge with before, I think...

I am still unsure as to why Sletcher became the test pilot for the Blast. According to Howard Mason, Sletcher was in need of money for his daughter, so he became the test pilot through an arrangement with Belfactory whom paid him and promised another payout if the Blast was approved as the next mainstay unit.

During the simulation battle between Graham's Flag and Sletcher's Blast, Sletcher, knowing that the Blast is inferior and holds no chances of winning, he performs a kamikaze attack on Graham, cutting his wings off, but crashing himself onto the ground.

Even though the Blast wasn't commssioned as the next mainstay unit, the life insurance payout from Sletcher's death was enough to sustain his daughter.
I must admit, insurance fraud as a reason to die in Gundam is pretty new to me...

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