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Working with Photoshop CS3

It appears some people don't seem to understand Neaco's tutorial on working with CS3.
I'll just write this one in the hope of clearing up any missunderstanding.

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    With Creative Suite 3 (commonly known as CS3) Photoshop no longer ships with ImageReady (aka IR). ImageReady's functionality has been placed directly into photoshop and you should now be able to do almost anything you could with IR in Photoshop. If not then I'm sure the weirdo function your searching for is in Fireworks somewhere. This tutorial will cover the basic functionality everyone is searching for...
  1. Where is the Animation pallet?

    By default the animation pallet is turned off. To show it just go:
    Window → Animation
  2. How do I open .gif files?

    Trying to open a gif file in photoshop via the Open (File menu) option will just get you a still image consisting of the first frame; the rest of the animation is discarded.

    To open a gif file and preserve the animation open it like this:
    File → Import → Video Frames to Layer → (type *.*) → (select file) → Ok
  3. I have a folder with images, how do I turn them into a animation?

    Basically: where the heck is the "Import → Image Sequence..." option from ImageReady.

    To do it in Photoshop CS3 is still simple but a little longer.

    Presuming you're using the old school animation window:
    1. Go File → Scripts → Load Files into Stack...
    2. You should see a dropdown called "Use:" with the value "Files". Instead of "Files" select "Folder".
    3. Click Browse and add your junk folder with images.
    4. When you click ok it should start adding your images in order one on each layer. But the animation is still only one frame.
    5. In the Animation pallet go to the option menu (click the icon at the top right; it's right under the close and minimize buttons) and select: Make Frames from Layers
      And there you have it~

    If you like the new timeline animation window:

    In the second technique used in the video you'll notice he has a Image Sequence option in the Open dialog. Now on windows you don't have that (initially). The problem is Photoshop on windows by default will try to use (what looks like) window's default Open dialog box. To get the dialog box in the video, after you select File → Open press the little button at the bottom left of the window called: Use Adobe Dialog. Now you should see the option described in the video.
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