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Originally Posted by DarkLordOfkichiku
Well, that might make sense.. At least it might explain why the Northern government is after Xam'ds: because that the emperor fears comptetion or something, or maybe he beleives that an Xam'd is the only thign that could defeat him.. Or, at best, he simply seeks them out because he wants to have so many Xam'ds at his side as possible, considering that an Xam'd is more powerful than any single humanform.
That seems to be the case here. I can’t really think of any other reason for the Northern government to want Xam’d so much. Though I remember that it was mentioned that humanforms experimentation labelled the ones involved as war criminals, so I don’t know if the Emperor knows about the experiments on Sentan Island or not.

Hm, maybe it is time to see what we have in the overall plot, no?
From what I can gather, it seems that the Northern government (Lead by the Xam’d-Emperor, Toru Furuya) have taken the Holy Land from the Tessik tribe. During which time, the Emperor had Lady Sannova (Miyoko Asou, who most likely the one with the knowledge for creating X’amd) by his side, but something happened that lead to her being exiled (most likely experimentation on humanforms behind the Emperor's back).

During which time, the Tessik tribe gained a new leader, the Sun-Maned girl, Kujireika. According to rumours, Kujireika intends to retake the Holy Land form the Northern government. According to Raigyo, however, the Tessik tribe don't want a war. We can't be sure until Akiyuki & Nakiami reach there, but it seems that both Raigyo’s and the Zeygend story hold true for the time being, as they both showed good intentions so far (but Zeygend story seems more likely).

The Northern government seems to have done secret experiments in the past (according to Akiyuki’s father, he helped in those experiments without even knowing) so it wouldn’t be a stretch that a faction seems to be planning a coup.

Now, Sannova seems to be sending white-haired children who have been feed the Xam’d ''seeds'' are sent and blown up to scatter the seeds in the NG territory (as most likely some sort of revenge on the Emperor from Sannova's part, by using NG civilians for the process) and then sends another team to pick up the Hiruko (as seen in episode 4 with the pregnant women). The Tessik tribe seems to only have the knowledge of creating humanforms, so they want to get an Xam’d for themselves (worshiping, weaponry or for whatever reason).

So,3 Three factions seem to want Xam’d:
The Ruikon (Sannova)
The Northern government (except the Emperor may/may not know/want)
And the Tessik tribe (Kujireika)
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