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Great Kazoo Scavenger Hunt Contest!

Welcome everyone to the Great Kazoo Scavenger Hunt Contest!

For a long time people have noticed the spiffy kazoo banners that mark the members of the Kazoo Club. Now it is time for us to become something more than a neat signature that everyone else is envious of. We are going to sponsor a contest here on AnimeSuki complete with neat prizes. This contest is a scavenger hunt across the forum. Feel free to rely on your imagination, memory and even the much neglected SEARCH function.

Spoiler for Great Kazoo Scavenger Hunt:


This contest will be broken up into 20 rounds of indeterminate length. Each round will begin with a member of our club presenting a riddle. The answer to these riddles is somewhere on AnimeSuki. Your answer to each riddle must be a link to a member, post or entire thread on AnimeSuki. We guarantee that every riddle we present will have an answer. Each round will end as soon as someone has provided a correct answer. Once that happens, the first person to provide a correct answer will receive one point and a member of our club will announce the end of the round. If a round drags on for too long we will announce the correct answer and end the round without anyone getting a point.

At the end of all 20 rounds we will announce the winners based upon whomever has the most points. If there is a tie, then we will provide tie-breaker rounds in which only the tied contestants will be allowed to compete. If any unforseen situation arises that requires consideration, the Kazoo Club will decide how to deal with the matter as a unit. We expect that everyone will have fun with our contest and compete with honor.

Finally, I am sure that everyone want to know what they are competing for.
  • First prize will win a 30 dollar gift certificate at I expect that this prize will be used to purchase an anime OST or DVD, but the choice is up to the winner.
  • For the second prize we are awarding the amazing prize of A Kazoo! I'm sure that this this will ensure that second place will be hotly contested by everyone who wants to know what a kazoo is! I hope that nobody will be so eager to get a kazoo that they purposefully miss a question on purpose to avoid getting stuck with the gift certificate!
  • Finally third prize is a secret so nobody will know what it is until the contest is over. Prepare to be amazed!
Who is eligible? I'm glad that you asked. Every member of AnimeSuki is available as long as they are not member of our esteemed Kazoo Club. This means that moderators are welcome to join in on the fun as long as they are not also members of the club. Of course, they would be tough competitors to beat since they know this forum very well.

Now, it is time for the first round. The riddle for you to solve is...

Gaining and losing power
is the name of the game.
Some people don't like it,
and yet others love it.
Some can only hope to improve,
yet others are on a distinguished road

Please list the URL for a thread.

It would be nice if you named the thread also, to make it easier for us to check your post, but it is the URL link that will be used to verify if you win.

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