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Originally Posted by Geta Boshi View Post
Bleach's original time-slot was Tuesday. But the time slot got taken over by Death Note then D Gray Man .
Speaking of time-slot, in the Shinigami golden Kon, along with that stupid looking fellow whose name I can never remember, is observing he doesn't know when he is going to make his next debut. Kon also observes that it's the same for the stupid looking fellow just because they are both not so important to the story which is ridiculous in my very humble opinion. Kon's a pervert and that fellow is stupid looking. The show needs them. Anyway, the stupid looking fellow felt so bad and guilty that he didn't tell Kon that he will be making his debut in episode 197. That's what the index card says, the one that he is holding on his hand. Kon makes me laugh.

The episode itself was pretty good. I enjoyed it. I didn't watch the little exchange between dashing Ulqui and Itsygo, so their fight was new to me. I also get to re-enjoy the display of amazing animation in the fight between Ichigo and Vejita-reincarnated. That episode was one of Bleach's finest.

The opening theme shows Nemu. As Kankel would say, OMG! The badass geezer also gets a face-shot. The song itself is alright, I suppose. Very shounen-ish. The choice of the ending song absolutely didn't make much sense. It's so anti-Bleach. Then again, I'm not sure I know what I'm talking about, so I suppose I'll get used to it.

And did you notice how big Orihime's caboose was when Ichi-dodo (poop) was lifting her on his shoulder? I mean, dear heavens! At one time it was occupying so much of the screen that they animators barely squeezed Ichigo's face in there. Half of his head was still missing.

This ole-gal hasn't been doing much exercise in the captivity. She must have literally sitting on her hiney the whole time for her caboose to grow that big. I think the only time she got some exercise was when she got some beating by the girl Grim-kun obliterated into smithereens. Surely it can't be the dress that makes her a... hiney look..! I won't finish that sentence.

This girl will need to hit the gym once she goes back home.

And my last comment is to you Manga-Readers: If something isn't blatantly and specifically spoilers, don't point it out. Some spoilers aren't as obvious to someone who doesn't have the manga knowledge. When you scream and shout, z00mg the OP's a spoiler... then it's you who have spoiled when an anime-only watcher figures it out what that spoiler is. I wouldn't have noticed that spoiler if Kankel and Utsukushii Hono'o didn't make a fuss about it. Thank you Kankel and Utsukushii Hono'o. Did I mention it was Kankel and Utsukushii Hono'o. Yeah, it was Kankel and Utsukushii Hono'o. OMG Kankel and Utsukushii Hono'o.

And finally, some screens:

Kudara nai na! Sig by TheEroKing.
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