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Originally Posted by Tempest Dynasty View Post
Eehh Comar, I think this one we'll just have to chalk up as a lost cause. Like Ark and Haru, it's feeling like we're arguing with a brick wall. No matter what counterarguments we give, it'll somehow be refuted, no matter how weak it is and how illogical it may sound. Honestly, there's better things we can spend our energy on.

LIKE WRITING. GET YOUR STUFF DONE. Or watch more Higurashi. It's more productive and better on the stress levels than this.

Besides, we've been over this already some 3 pages ago. Now we're just beating a dead horse.
Yes, call me brik to release your frustration, do it to try to hide the fact that you know I'm right, because the fact of you posting that POINTLESS message tells nothing more than that
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