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Originally Posted by arkhangelsk View Post
Except for firepower, for which the VERY best mages (I mean our Three Heroines class) are still superior, this fighter plane of yours far exceeds the known technotactical characteristics of mages in just about all respects except possibly maneuverability at low speed. It is extremely difficult to justify why such useful products have no replacements.
There has been some signs of a paradigm shift from the military we know of (aka guns, soldiers, etc) commonly to the Bureau Military we see right now (mages, mages and more mages)- a shift from techno-industrial, the face of the bureau before its incorporation, to the magi-technical, the face of the bureau in current. And such, the face of military politics has been changed.

In simple Terms, Politics Killed it.

Anything valuable can be killed by a simple signature on a piece of paper.
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