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I was at first hesitant at the theme perhaps being a bit too open, but after discussing with KiNA about how to approach this, I think this can work out. So, here's how we're going to approach this.

Anything goes, but the entry must be recognizably military. This means you must demonstrate something military in the image. Examples of how to do this:

A uniform
A weapon that a soldier would use (tank, airplane, cannon, that kind of thing)
A Mech
A battlefield (fighting, combat, warzone)
Characters with military parts (Think Strike Witches or other cybernetic styled characters)
Special Forces characters (commandos, swat, sniper)

To help give people some ideas on what I mean:

Spoiler for Some very large images:

There are a great many possible ideas that may or may not work.

In short, I'm going to give this theme a shot at being very open. Please post questions in the entry thread (when it's up) if you are not sure if your entry will work. I am going to be very blunt this month - I won't be spending much time critiquing entries, but I will be making judgment calls on if I feel the signature is staying faithful to the theme or not. Hopefully I won't be doing this too often. Mainly what I'll be doing is trying to ensure this doesn't turn into a version of the "Female Combatants" theme where we'll have samurai school girls with swords and nothing else.
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