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Can anyone provide translations of all the names of the characters? I know I've seen a list, but I was wondering if there were also multiple interpretations (including those for their Western pronunciations); the epitaph looks at least partly like it's referring to people's names and I was wondering if the blanks might be because we're focusing only on the kanji.
I'm not sure what you mean by (including those for their Western pronunciations) or what the other list is/had, but I'll give it a shot:

右代宮 - Right-wing Royal Court
右 - right
代 -
1) generation, era, reign (could be used as a numerical counter for this purpose)
2) Cost/Price
3) Proxy, in behalf of..., represent
宮 - imperial, palace. Could be used for religious (shinto) importance eg (shirne/temple, 宮司 which is priest). I beleive it is used this way as the Emperor is tied with the religion.

金蔵 - treasury
金 - gold, metal, money
蔵 - storehouse/warehouse, grannary, cellar
* This is not for temporay storage. Long term. Could be use to put an idea away for forever. Ex: Ryuukishi put the original EP 03 "Land of the Golden Witch" away in the cellar and never planning to release it. (I cross my fingers he'll change his mind and do it for the anime ><)

蔵臼 - granary mill-stone
蔵 - see Kinzo
臼 - mill-stone, a molar

夏妃 - summer princess
夏 - summer
妃 - usually princess. If read as きさき then queen

朱志香 - aspiring red fragrant
朱 - red, scarlet, blood(ly)
志 - will, motive, aspire, intent, aim/goal
香 - the smell of..., scent (usually sweet), aroma, fragrant
*Note: 香魚 is read as Ayu which may be helpful for the riddle. However, if you believe Hideyoshi, Eva, and Rosa this logic is shot down.

絵羽 - pictured wing
絵 - picture, sketch, painting, drawing
羽 - wing (bird, plane, or even blades of a propeller), feather, used as a verb - to flap/flutter, could have the meaning of 搏つ (pulse/beat or to hit away), numerical counter for birds

秀吉 - Superb luck
秀 - to excel, surpass, outstanding, preeminence, superlativeness
吉 - luck (good or bad, usually good), good/lucky/agreeable/pleasent/sufficient

譲治 - compromised fix
譲 - compromise, yield, hand or turn over, inherit
治 - fix, cure, heal, repair, to return to the normal state

留弗夫 - Dollar savings man
留 - to stop, go no further, to fix (as in fixed position), to settle, to stay, absence, neglect,
弗 - Dollar ($), symbol for fluorine
夫 - husband, boy/man

霧江 - misty bay
霧 - mist/fog
江 - inlet/bay

戦人 - Soldier
戦 - war, battle, fight
人 - person, human/man, numerical counter for people

縁寿 - bond for a lifetime
縁 - fate (as in bonding, soulmate kinda fate), relationship, bond, link, affinity, family line/ties
寿 - congratulate. Often this is use with words that have to do with life like 寿命 (life span) so it kinda has the meaning of life.

桜座 - cherry blossom's place
桜 - cherry blossom, pink
座 - seat, position

楼座 - Lookout position
楼 - tower, lookout, a very tall building, a belvedere
*depending on some uses it has the cogitation of impractical
ex: 蜃気楼 (mirage), there are idioms like 空中に楼閣を描く or 砂上の楼閣 which both mean impratical)
座 - seat, position

真里亞 - True oriental hometown
真 - just right, pure, true, genuine
里 - village, countryside, hometown, could also be a unit of measure (one ri somewhere around 4km/2.5 miles)
亞 - the orient, to succeed (as in following/replace/appointed)

That's what I can think of off top of my head. I may be off a little on some of those.

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