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Spoiler for Anita <3:
It's a bit rushed, but wow how much it flowed from me for 3 hrs straight.

Most of the details you might need are there. Hope it'll do for now.

For combat, a few quick notes: Anita favors Fire spells and, like Hayate, has a dash of Shadow spells in her arsenal. She's also very favored to nukes, but unlike Hayate, she makes up her slightly weaker blasts with better melee combat. As with my other OCs, feel free to make up spells according to these guidelines for the time being! I'm very flexible.

More updates in future, but unlike Fate, I think I have more love for this profile...

Many thanks to AX and LoweGear for making this profile possible! Aaron, Nighty, and many IRCers who have braved my really weird requests at times. And Anita for allowing me to do this.

- Added A's and A's Destiny data
- Added Prinnies
- Fixed minor fluff errors
- Added images of Anita, Keira and Ashley's terminators
- Updated with Lowe's suggestion of Penpenger.

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