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While taking my small little breaks from scanlating Umineko, I made some icons from the in-game sprites/tachi-e (many thanks to rogerpepitone for telling me how to extract sprites from the game!) Right now I only made some from the Witches but if I can, I'll try to make icons for all the characters. They'll be posted in batches though, not all at once.

Oh, and even though they're just sprites, they still feature some spoilers (especially Virgilia!) so... be warned...

Spoiler for Ange:

Spoiler for Beatrice:

Spoiler for Bernkastel:

Spoiler for Eva-Beatrice:

Spoiler for the Siestas:

Spoiler for Lambdadelta:

Spoiler for Virgilia:

Next up is Beatrice's other form, the Stakes and Ronove.

EDIT Oh, and also... three icons I made a while back from fanart.
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