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SHiN-gx Fansubs and Genjo-Subs are in need of Translators, a Typesetter, a Fine Timer, TLC/Pun Checkers for Kannagi, Quality Checkers/Editors and a RAW Provider.

Able to translate from Japanese to English or even Chinese to English.
We need a TL who can translate Shoujo Sect ~Innocent Lovers~, a soft-core hentai. The show has been stalled and we want to finish it.
Fluent in Japanese (J>E) and
Can TL at a reasonable speed.

Has experience with Aegisub.
Has creativity with typesetting.
Can typeset at a reasonable speed.
Remember, we're doing softsubs so you must make your typesets simple yet creative and easy to process on a typical downloader's PC.
AFX experience for possible hardsubbed effects is a plus but not really needed.

Fine Timer:
Has experience at fine timing.
Able to fine time at a reasonable speed.
Able to download and create your own workraw.

TLC/Pun Checkers for Kannagi:
Must be Japanese fluent.
Good at spotting puns, jokes, hidden meanings, etc. and decipher it.
Has profound knowledge on the Kannagi manga.
Able to TLC at a reasonable speed.

Quality Checkers/Editors:
Good at spotting grammar, spelling errors, sentence structure errors.
Good at the English Language and with a good vocabulary.
Must at least know a bit of Japanese.
Able to QC/Edit at a reasonable speed.

RAW Provider:
Skilled at finding HQ RAWs, ISOs, HQ TVrips, HQ DVDrips, etc.

Some of the staff can only be reached through email only while some like the TL can be reached via IRC and MSN. We're a slow fansub group and we prioritize quality over speed.

If you're up to our conditions and requirements, please visit us at: or email us at


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