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And here cometh, the Takkie Quickie!

Page 1: Mike gets ticket from captain (probably Jeffery) for hot springs, and planned to go after he leaves the hospital. While at it, Mike invites Alto and Sheryl. Alto didn't want to go, but Sheryl insists on going.

Page 2: Sheryl never been to a natural hot springs, so he wanted to see what it looks like. Klan of course, gets excited that Sheryl is interested and start babbling about it. Alto on the other hand, is denying his role as Sheryl's boyfriend, while Mike is shaking his head going "here we go again".

Page 3: Sheryl was wondering if Alto never seen a natural hot springs before, and talked about how fascinating it is to see water just gushing out from the ground. Alto relented, because Sheryl's 'innocent face' is his greatest weakness.

Page 4: But Sheryl was not convinced, and wondered if Alto actually hated hot springs or simply the fact that they are going to one together. Alto tried to explain, using money as an excuse. Since supposedly Alto is piss poor, and Mike remarked how cheap Alto is.

Page 5: Sheryl decided to pay for the both of them, after all, she is rich. Being set up, Alto screamed that he'd pay for both, even though the rest of the crew did not quite believe him.

Page 6: *Here is the kicker* Alto screamed that he is a man, and as a man he should pay for his woman. This made Sheryl blushing hard.

Page 7: Klan goes "so its decided", leaving a dumbfounded Alto standing there unable to believe why he said what he said. Sheryl looks at Alto and goes "so, I am your woman?" while Alto replied "whats wrong with that?", Sheryl then chuckled.

- Tak
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