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Kha der Kleriker

Part 1 of Licht von Belka redevelopment blitz!

Licht von Belka
Kha der Kleriker

And They Shall Know No Fear...

Spoiler for Kha Testarossa, der Kleriker:
Made quite a few changes to his recent history, rectified some canon errors and removed some retconny bits. Added more wargear to reflect the focus on his "devicespam" approach, and grouped them into device and vehicle wargear. Added also a picture of Kha's terminator armor.

I also added more involvement of Kha, with him first appearing in A's to take on Charlene Anzelotto and would better lead up to his role in the sequel covering Nanoha's road to recovery, A's Destiny. Kagerou you might want to take not of these sections (and please accept responsibility of the crack you spawned. ).

One of the most important changes in this rebuild is that Kha is still part of the Licht von Belka, but is retconned to be no longer its leader. Grand Meister Saber is. Instead, Kha sort of floats in the organization as a free agent and has a permit to act on his own accord. This allows me to return Kha to his crusading days, which frankly is much more appealing than to lock him into some leadership role forced on his shoulders. He's the incorrigible Guard Dog of Sankt Kaiser/Seiou no Banken.

It's still a little vague, but its because I want to keep things open so people have more leeway when using him.

As with the previous attempt, even more of his so-called Khrack has been removed/glossed over quickly, so it should be easier on the eyes. This is the direction of 5th Edition; gone are the heavy, randomly inserted and horribly clunky profiles of before; Now it's easier to get in on the game.

So please, any constructive comments?

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