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Grand Meister Saber

Part 2, and we have Saber-chan!

Licht von Belka
Grand Meister Saber

The Grand Meister in the uniquely-patterned, shoulder-baring Lily-pattern Knight Armor of the Cleric Knights

Spoiler for Grand Meister Saber, Champion of the Kaiser:
Almost completely redid her fluff, this time going according to Keroko's suggestion and making Sakura the last King of Belka, as well as defensive AI of the Cradle that protected kings before (Reason why when the defense system takes over Vivio, it results in her going bonkers, since Jail band-aided the machine haphazardly in place of the missing AI).

The Immortal Spirit of Kings residing in a flying God-Machine... Perfect.

Also, her modern role as changed to that of Grand Meister of the Cleric Knights. This follows a change that turns all Cleric Knights female, which made more sense since all Adepta Belkarum are women, and that the Immortal Spirit of Kings is a "female" soul. Kha as a result is released back to Guard Dog duty, which he is waaay better at.

As befitting of the King, it covers the history of Belka, and so much more, including theories of the Sankt Kaiser from new hints in StrikerS and the SSX, tied to the progress of Lyrical magic by Lowe, and carries on the Belka story from Saga der Saga. It was one grand exercise, and hell it was hard, as it had to tie into every other piece of my expansive setting!

Not all details are included here (so that I have a story to tell if I get to Cente Gravia!) but there is enough details for you to get a grasp of who Saber is.

I do hope no one was offended by my mention of the Schutzstaffel; they are the villains in Belka history as well. But just in case I'll include this disclaimer, what with all this "hypersensitivity" to racial issues nowadays.

For those who can't take all the theories being stuffed down your throat, please take your time to enjoy the gigantic photo album of Saber.

But please, any constructive comments?


- Fixed her birth date: it's supposed to be 25-12, Christmas, or in Belka terms, Winter's Vale.
- Fixed her hairdo.
- Removed mentions of Saber having many lives (relic of the first version)

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