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Originally Posted by Kaioshin Sama View Post
Her big reveal as to her background was suitable but also painfully cliche and I felt that her eventually being able to control the Vajra like Ranka was shoe-horned in because the creators learned how popular she was getting and didn't want it to appear that she was being outclassed by Ranka.
Actually, Sheryl's background has very little to do with the story, and important parts are revealed (or at least hinted) very early. I wonder why those bother you.

And I can assure one thing to you, most Sheryl fans HATE that Sheryl gains the stupid control over bugs. Come on, we love Sheryl because she tries her best within her ability and does whatever she can do to help others, not because she has any super power. If that was done in order to please Sheryl fans, whoever made that decision must not understand why people love Sheryl.

Shit for who makes Sheryl control bugs.
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