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Originally Posted by The Chaos View Post
Look Better now ...
I miss Fu-Chan
Originally Posted by AtomicoX View Post
Actually think it turned out better. Good work.
Originally Posted by Larthak View Post
Ya, sure looks more like Fu-chan now. And yes, it looks better (and somewhat cuter too ^^).
I'm glad you guys ended up liking it at all. I personally still think it looks like a mess.

Originally Posted by escimo View Post
I see a render I'll probably use...
I see you already have~ xD

Originally Posted by Marina View Post
oooh! Headphone Miku render! (another person who'll probably use your renders).
Do you use the pen tool when you extract images? They look nice and clean, wonderful work on them ^_^

I think the edited version of your fuko sig looks much better, cute style on it as well! It's amazing looking at the sigs you make now verses the ones you started out making. You've really improved (more than me )!
Yup, I just use the pen tool for renders. Glad you like them Marina-chan; I'm quite fond of the Miku image myself.

Haha, I looked back and saw a drastic change. Now I laugh at my old stuff. ^^;

Hey everyone, I got super bored last night so I drew an anime rendition of....myself. >.>;;
Anyway, what I was really going for was to see if I could draw without using the mirror to reference pose and hands. I got the proportion wrong a bit but I expected that. Oh, and I noticed that, after I finished the drawing I made myself right-handed...which I'm not. xD

Well here is my drawing, hope it's not too horrible. (and yes my hair is really that long)
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