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December contest - artist alike and from afar

This isn't a post on works. These are the rules for the January Competition for members of Artist Alike and From Afar

*This rule is subject to change without notice, so try to keep up

TOPIC FOR FEBRUARY : PINK by January Winner Toxic_Trance

This Month's Entry Period

This monthís entry period will be from Monday, 2nd February 2009 and will end on Friday, 20th February 2009.

The first voting phase will start on Saturday, 21st February, and will end on Tuesday, 24th February.

The second voting phase will start on Wednesday, 25th February and end on Saturday, 28th February.

For exact timing, it will end at midnight, but since that would be the second day, officially speaking it ends at 11:59 pm, 28th February 2009. (Greenwich Meredian Time).

Please note the timezone differences, if any.


Originally Posted by Scep
Artists Alike and from Afar Monthly contest

About the contest
This contest is open to all members of the Artists Alike and from Afar social group. The goal of this contest is for people to learn from each otherís drawings as well as have fun in the process through the process of a contest.

About the Theme:
Each month prospective contestants are given a theme to base their entries on. This theme is decided by the winner of the previous contest. There are several types of themes, mainly being

I) Content theme
a. What you want the contestant to draw (nothing against the forum rules please)
b. For example, beach, winter, or gothic. (donít take these as guidelines, you can choose something special)
c. Please try to limit your themes so they arenít so wide, but donít limit it to much Ė do leave it open to a certain extent of interpretation.
d. Limiting by character. For example, we can choose a character like ichigo from bleach and have everybody draw that character.

II) Material theme
a. Different materials may present different challenges and it will add an interesting touch to the contest
b. However try to limit the materials to things that are relatively easy to find (eg. Charcoal, markers).
c. Materials like tablets should not be a material, because it is not easily accessible to anyone.

III) Colour or non colour?

a. Since we do not have alot of members anyway, we probably shouldn't have a coloring section and non coloring section. At the same time however, these should not be judged together, since in most cases, coloring would be given more credit, so please make it clear in the theme of the contest whether coloring is allowed.


The Rules of the contest:

1. Contestants are given 2 to 3 weeks to hand in their submissions. Flexibility can be exercised according to individual special conditions, but in general please adhere to the deadlines. Please submit your pictures to the social groupís pictures corner, and label it clearly. For easy reference, we should have a fixed index post that lists down all the entries, so it is easy to vote.

2. A problem with the recent uploading system is that it resizes and downgrades the quality of the images. If you feel that the uploading systemís resizing does not give justice to your work, feel free to upload to a free image hosting site, but still upload to the social group for archiving purposes, and post the link in the comments. The said link will be the link put in the index post.

3. Contestants must submit original works.

a. For this contest, it is mandatory for the poster to list references, if any.

Reference is the source where the original design/idea/concept came from. Like if you drew something from watching an anime, you would write the name of the anime just to give it credit. Another example, if you sketch something that was already drawn by another artist, then the original artist should get some credit as well.

It's like writing a book report and giving reference to the book you used.

If it's your own original drawing then all the credits goes to you.

Quoted from kayos

b. Please refrain from Ďjust tracingí. Flexibility will be exercised with regards to this rule, but in general, please make sure at least a good portion of the image is Ďoriginalí. You can reference from another artistís work, but please do not end up copying his/her work in its entirety. Mere line for line tracing entries will be immediately disqualified.

c. Obviously, entries have to be your own drawings. Copies from another artist will be immediately disqualified.

4. All contestants can only enter one entry. Feel free to upload your random drawings to the group, but only one will be considered as your entry.

5. Contestants who wish to keep their entries private before the start of the voting, do message the organizer (toxic_trance) or leader of the social group (Aoie_Emesai)

About the voting
Phase I. Members will upload their works to the social group picture album, and then members will vote for which piece they thinks are the best. When you vote, you are encouraged to give feedback and suggestions to individual artists, as well as to give them a score. Giving scores and feedback are not required, but it would be a nice gesture and would help them improve. When giving a score, please follow the following suggested rubrics:

Concept & Creativity
Maximum marks: 10
Strictly creativity, something that is refreshing or you never expected would be in this theme but yet is fitting.


Maximum marks: 10
Drawing skill and style. Attention to detail should also be credited in this area.

When voting, you are required to choose three entries that you think are the most outstanding. It is your choice if you want to give them rankings, but it will not be taken into consideration at this stage.

The three pieces that received the most votes will move on to the next phase of voting.

Phase II. A thread will be opened in the fan creations forum to choose the best piece out of the three pieces. A poll will be started, and at the end of the 5 days, the piece with the highest number of votes will be the winner.

Edit on phase 2 - Since our last contest, putting the 3 various voting section for each submission was a hassle & too complicated and it will be taken out for a simpler voting of I choose this one, like the SOTM. I'll most likely add a poll too for even more simplicity.

Entry period

Participants will be given 2-3 weeks to come up with a piece. 8 to 10 days will be spent on the voting, where 4-5 days will be spent on letting our own community choose the top 3 drawings, and another 4-5 days will be spent letting the AS community choose the best drawing, after which there will be a break until the next month. However, depending on the contest type (i.e. special materials), topic setter may choose to extend time period for voting.

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