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Akaitsuki no Arisa

Arisa Bannings

"King of the Burning Red Moon -- Arisa! Be sure to add that to the end!!!"

Spoiler for Akaitsuki no Arisa:
Very much in progress, but... damn I couldn't resist writing this. Arisa gets her own spinoff series once I'm done with A's Destiny, so many elements not developed here will be explained there.

Her fighting style is rather varied, ranging from fire spells, to sword skill, to making things explode, to alchemy, to abilities associated with ghosts (thanks to the haunted blade she wields) and to just splurging money on anything.

I'm not returning, just off-loading stuff so I can sleep in peace. Take care.

*replaces mask, and leaves*


Added a few more lines to clarify some mistakes.
Reworked her title to befit the fanwork behind it.

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