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I thought Daitetsu's singing was as good as any male seiyuu I've heard, even if the song was not a genre I love. His seiyuu is a relative unknown called Hoshino Takanori, who was Van in GunxSword (which I haven't seen). He's 28, does some stage acting and play-writing, went to an arts high school and is "multi-talented," according to Japanese Wikipedia.

He has not done a huge amount of seiyuu work, but also does stage plays, movie dubbing, etc. And he has done a number of boys' love CD dramas, which puts him right there for the running gag with Jin.

His parents ran a strawberry farm, and he is sometimes called "the Strawberry Prince." He is 190cm (6'3") tall and slim and once cosplayed Van perfectly at a GunxSword event.

Here are some photos, including one of him - or someone with the same name who looks like him, lol -- in a role in a Chinese movie:

I'm taking a chance here and mentioning a new Japanese streaming site I found via 2channel. This ep was there almost immediately after broadcast. I guess it's okay to mention it, since eps of many shows seem to stay there, so it looks as if the producers are letting them stay. It's called "Parasite Stage," and sucks streams from a number of other sites:

I used a 2channel convention and left off the "h" at the beginning of the address so you can't link directly from AnimeSuki. If there is any problem with giving the address, I don't want AS to get in trouble.
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