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Originally Posted by glad man
Hi Uzmaki
I hope you are doing all right. First, i would like to thanks you for your topic about how to make your own Anime.gif.
I tried to folow your steps. When i reached the image ready part i have couple of proplems. First, the crop button didnt work with me. I cannot clikc on it. Second, the pictur is little slow. It is not like what you have here in this forum. Third, i don't now where is (rectangular marquee ) button is. Last. What do you mean by the loops.
I hope you can help me on this man and thank you in advance
Hope you really are using ImageReady. =)

Well there's two ways to do crop. But first of all, the rectangular marquee is the very top left button on your tools window on the left side. You can also hit M to select it.

In order to crop you can:

1) Use the marquee and select the area that you want to retain. As Uzumaki said, go to Image-->Crop.


2) Use the crop tool itself. Hit C to select it, or you can click on the second to last icon on the left on the Tools window. It looks like 2 90 degree angles touching each other...but hitting C would probably be easier.

At this point, just use the tool to select the area you want to keep, and hit enter. It'll crop for you.

Lastly, if the picture (I think you mean the clip) is too slow, it actually is faster than what you see in ImageReady when you finish your project and save it as a .gif.

Don't forget to delete excess frames to save space! Hope this helps!

Meanwhile, I'm gonna post my first .gif! WHEE!

How do I get the .gif to fade out like my avatar of Loki? (Shamelessly stolen.) Any way on I can improve on it? Actually this probably isn't the place to post for suggestions on how to improve...

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