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Originally Posted by Riker View Post
Simple breakdown:

Step 1: White stroke 2 pixels wide.

Step 2: Black stroke 1 pixel wide.

Hey presto!

When I did a border tutorial off of the GIMP tutorial boards, I did it a bit different.

If there is already a post about the GIMP one, please tell me so I can delete this post.

Anyway, here is how I usually do mine:

Step One:

Copy and paste an image onto a GIMP. If it is a big image, and you only want part of it, use the rectangle selection tool to select the part of the image that you desire.

Here is the image that I am going to use for this this tutorial:

Here is what I selected from the photo and will be working with:

Step Two:

Resize the image to the correct settings for the Avatar/Signature requirements. Since I'm doing an avatar, it'll be to the Avatar settings
Here's what it looks like:

Step Three:

Add a new layer and title it "Border" Keep the settings the same, and don't change anything.

Next, go up to Selection and go to "Select All." Make sure the border layer is selected before doing so.

Step Four:

Set the color to Black, then go to edit and go down to Stroke Selection... Set the Line width to 10 pixels.

Then, Set the color to White. This time, set the stroke selection to 8 pixels. It should leave a thick white border around your picture.

Lastly, Set the color back to Black. Then, Set the Stroke Selection to either 5 or 6, whichever one you prefer.

Step Five:

After creating the border, set the layer mode to Overlay

Here is where it is located:

Spoiler for ScreenShot:

Here is what it should look like:

Hope you had fun! It gets really easy after you start making a bunch of Avatars/Signatures.
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