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Aku ga Tetsujin Daa!!!

Kurogane no Otoko
Commissar Artei Smirnov

"Like this look? Wait till you see the real me..."

I'm still waiting for Lowe's masterpiece. =P
Spoiler for Commissar Artei Smirnov:
Once Orussia was confirmed to exist in canon, and me having signed on Saint X's DW2 idea, this child was (re)born!!! XD

Looks out for the Order of Sanya. <_<

It's a little short, but its cause I only covered events in his life up to Magical Lyrical A's Destiny, which is about 1 to 2 years after A's itself.

Khrack is lots here, and I blame it solely on the many ideas that were thrown at me to be picked, and because it's more fun that way. Most all, being able to cover 2 fun ideas at once for Artei (it's damn obvious), and still leave room for his old improvement plans, takes the cake.

And yes, the ship here is Arterisa.

Wait till you see what Lowe has in stall for you guys! On top of the awesome that is Gillia-- I mean, Mister... Babylon?

Now for the next one, who is either Moriyama Sensui, or Tsukihime Suzuka. Still deciding between the Tamer of Beasts, and the Iridescent Daywalker for my next effort.
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