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Besides the new update above I am working on my fan lyrics started up Rental Magica lyrics Sora ni Saku, finishing up Damion Crevasse, and FMA's I WILL, might tweak Rewrite some more.

Not much new stuff for COTLOP as I am deveolping and working on layering its fiction and what not, really should get off my ass update my word press properly with the 5 or 6 simi finished stuff I have done, the half arsed unfinished stuff on it now sucks....then again so dose the simi finished stuff :P

As a develop this "thing" called COTLOP I write out all the quotes and what not that come into my head some I can tag to characters some I can not. Heres acoupel based on the alt personalities of my main character.

“Sternness is noble, it is not arrogance as others would lead you to believe, I must walk above all others to walk on the path of nobility and justice.: L.O.P:Pale Knight”.
” Darkness is despair and perversion, I prefer perversion with a taste of madness, either one keeps me from boredom.:L.O.P:Shade Knight”

While darkness is corruptive I might change perversion to disdain since I wrote this new saying/quote a few days ago and its sticking with me

"Darkness is despair and disdain of lights hope and vigor, Darkness is not in as much evil as seeing things as hopeless."

In my museing I am trying to blur the lines of good/evil as things are never quite fully black and white.

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