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8th batch.. link

2 comic strip .. Joined together .. Last frame was a pain since Alto's face have gaps @.@

Sankaku posted the dakimakura.. I'm tempted to sig it .. The rest.. lots of blood lost in doing -sound so wrong doing it- creating the sig.

A simple extraction .. No animation. D:

*Scratch head* SotM entry .. No idea how to tackle it honestly .. idea well dried up =_=

Just 2 pictures of Sheryl from the image thread ..

A request sig from a good friend .. I hate the shoujo arts style =.=

SotM Space entry.. note to self : No girls in siggy = no votes -.-

Something for SotM Dancing.. Scraped

MJ awesomeness.. And I won SotM ! W00t! Go ME!

Something I've never done before.. Turning a real life picture into manga style drawing.. And I think it work.. my mind @.@ .. urgh.. statics!

Tako Luka YeY!!! <3 Pure skill brushing art for the BG

After an elaborate demo ..I decided to abandoned the idea :/

I know I promised to get all 4 k-on girls.. but I cant get a good loop for the other 3.. plus I'm busy >.< Removing those credit lines are annoying.

Ukitake taicho! .. Was planning to add more stuff.. but after dropping down so low in quality, it was scraped. Source is a still picture, so everything is animate from scratch.

Random K-on siggy #1

Look too long and something naughty creeps up to mind >D

She actually say Ikkuuuu in this scene

<3 Mio

Animate for the sake of animated siggy

I think..every forumite knows what my brute game is

Wow 20 sigs! 8th batch completed D:
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