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I'm back. :3

Happy New Year to everyone!

Suffice to say, I had a very fun Christmas Vacation. It always happens, but I can never stop marveling at how wonderful it feels to be at your hometown. There wasn't a single moment I was bored despite the lack of the internet and other common city commodities. I realized that I was only usually bored in the city due to the feeling of the lack of freedom there. At the province, I could do usually do anything I want, whenever I want at my leisure. I also had lots of open space and clean air too.

And the best part, the computer that we were using in a different place was brought back to our house! And of course, that means I was able to write a lot for my OC works!!! The combined progress count already exceeds 10,000 words on a couple or so of my fics. >=3

I remember that around last year I posted the first chapter of GenerationS during a similar time, which was around the start of the year as well. I also remember that I gave the fic as a belated birthday gift to both LoweGear and Keroko. Well, it looks like I have the birthday gifts again...

And thus, I, Aaron008R of the OCT Veterans, officially (tries to) gives a start-of-the-year kick start to the thread for the second time running! Let's go through the Year of the Ox at


*Episode One*

Spoiler for Prologue:

=MGLN StrikerS: Outer Cadia Episode Series=
~Solitary Perspective~

Spoiler for Episode 1: Part 1:

*commercial break*

OC Profiles
Yagami Hayate: ver. GenerationS; Part 1, Part 2

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