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Spoiler for Episode 1: Part 2:

*Episode One: End*

This is the first of the number of works that I’ll be releasing/re-releasing this year. ’Solitary Perspective’ is basically my training and introductory fic to the StrikerS timeline. Using the same world as Kerokanon, I plan to make myself a few more ‘episodes’ of this fic as a fitting way of introducing my OC to readers without the need for a profile. It also gives me proper training in handling several different characters, since I’ll be playing with the StrikerS characters here. As for development, I just don’t plan on using this fic for OC-benefit, since I also plan on giving a couple or so characters some of my perceived development that weren’t developed satisfactorily in the series. Of course, I won’t be breaking what Canon has established in the events in StrikerS, I am simply inserting my own sub-episodes into StrikerS. As such, expect to see me insert my own idea of fun and development into the show thru these episodes. I can only hope that I don’t go too far off the Canon/Kerokanon mark with this. I won't make any big promises for now, except for maybe doing the best that I can currently do in making this fic as good as possible.

Of course, several thanks to Keroko for the OC’s Keroko-chan and Tesla; and also to Mercurianangel, who’s artwork I used here in my fic! Keroko! I finally got the groove (hopefully) to write with Keroko-chan too!

And above all, I hope the readers would enjoy reading my little piece of work.

Thanks in advance for reading, dear readers. And once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Well, I'll be back after a bit. >:3

*Goes back to rebuilding his OC stocks and catching up with backlog*

OC Profiles
Yagami Hayate: ver. GenerationS; Part 1, Part 2

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