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Originally Posted by magnuskn View Post
Itīs a terrible idea for a relationship. If you put up someone on a pedestal, you are 100% sure to be bound to be disappointed, because nobody can measure up to perfection.

I guess we are talking at cross-purposes. What I wanted to tell is that Ranka chooses Alto to be her "Mittelpunkt meiner Liebe". You are right that it is terrible for the risk to be unheared is being given and what happened to Ranka at the end. But even though this is also love. It may be foolish but hey I gave up at girls who were thinking like that.

Maybe we should ask a girl more about this. From mens point of view this is somehow not reasonable because we don' t have the finetuning.

Originally Posted by magnuskn View Post
As for it being impossible to "create a relationship", because Ranka is shy... you honestly think that in 25 episodes the writers couldnīt have done better? How do romance animes work, then? Because shy characters are not exactly a newfangled type of thing.
I said it's more difficult and it takes longer not that it is impossible. I know this from my personal experience because my girlfriend has a shy and reserved characteristics. It took me about five years to get her known and where we exchanged letters. Now she has these eyes where you can see that she expects me to do a proposal...
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