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Originally Posted by alarmadadna hadi View Post
By the way, I began by playing using the episode 1 demo patch (Playing the full episode demo, of course), but by the end of it, the extra teaparty and new elements don't appear anywhere. Is this a problem from my computer, or is it normal for the demo patch?

I'm playing thru the episode two patch now, so it's not a problem for me or anything, but I just though I'd note this anyway just to clarify and make sure. Sorry for any trouble.
I assume the thing is that to unlock the ura tea party, you must use the original method used in Episode 1 (original game):

You must go to the tips section and follow this peculiar execute pattern:

Ironically, you only see this picture when you are listening to the Music Box which was unlocked after the normal tea party in the original game.
Ryukishi took out the Music Box, and weirdly enough, didn't remove this lock condition for the ura tea party of the demo.
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