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Well, I am not exactly diehard for Haruhi, and given the track record of trolling by Kadokawa I didn't have any high hope at all. But for the recent mess, I think besides Kadokawa, certain news agents/sites have to take the blame as well for pumping out news with little quality check or even exaggerated facts for attracting attention (and thus more visitors and more ad income). Seeing anime fans who just like me being manipulated like that makes me really feel discouraged with certain elements of this fandom.

Even for the current report that the S2 is a rerun, the major anime news sites don't seem to be remotely interested in exercising a minimal degree of professional care.

ANN uses the title "Kadokawa Shoten Reportedly Says April Haruhi is Rerun." Pay attention to the content, which mentions that the Kadokawa representative "absolutely not making an announcement now." The article also claims that the same representative reports that it "will be a rebroadcast... broadcasting mainly on Teletama and other UHF stations."

Sankaku uses the title "'April Haruhi TV Anime' a Rerun." The key line is "after direct enquiries to Kadokawa, which drew official confirmation that it was merely their grandiose way of pulling in the punters to view their repeat airing."

Given ANN's poor track record in translation quality and Sankaku's downright opinions-as-facts articles for countless times, I strongly recommend those who know a bit of moonspeak to instead check the quoted Mainichi article directly.

The Mainichi article is mainly divided into two portions. The first part is mainly facts related to the background of Haruhi, the ads for S2 and the recent announcentment of Haruhi's April broadcast. The second part is about whether the April broadcast will be a rerun or not, given the scepticism expressed by some fans.

A close examination of that portion will reveal the facts below:
1. The Mainichi reporters tried to approach the Kadokawa representatives, but so far Kadokawa has yet to make any announcement. In other words, there is neither an official confirmation or rejection of the claim that the April broadcast is going to be a rerun.

2. The Mainichi reporters learnt from contacts in the industry that the broadcast from April will consist of materials previously broadcasted.

Minus points to ANN for using a misleading title for its article ("Kadokawa reportedly says nothing" maybe better :P) , and to Sankaku for outright putting words into Kadokawa's mouth. And to think that the ANN translators get paid for their daily creative essays...

But there still leaves a mystery... In the ANN article the "Kadokawa representative" mentioned that the "rebroadcast" will be on "Teletama and other UFH stations ", but nothing about that can be found in the quoted Mainichi article. So what on earth is that?

It is actually from Moonphase, a Japanese anime/manga/game news source. The relevant post says "broadcast" will start in April at TV Kanagawa, Teletama, Chiba TV and TV Osaka. The Newtype magazine is cited as the source.

Another minus point to ANN for not honouring the source and mixing around the facts. Seems like everyone likes to put "Kadokawa representatives" under the lime light for every Haruhi news.

By the way Moonphase also talked about the possibility that "Bamboo Leave Rhapsody" will be shown between S1 ep. 7 and 8, and "Endless Eight" between ep. 10 and 11. But at least that is clearly presented as an opinion instead of a fact.

The supposed rerun is certainly not an upbeating news and I still hate Kadokawa for its lousy PR policies, but I start to feel sympathy towards it for receiving an disproportionately large amount of flakes for what it has done.

Anyway, in today's world, one really has to maintain a healthy dose of scepticism at everything. *makes a Kyon-ish facepalm ┐(д`)┌ヤレヤレ *

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