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Originally Posted by raile View Post

Ok, as usual no guarantees on my trans. >.< There's a lot of kanji flying around in these strips and most of them I can't read

I'm doing the first strip first...not only because I'm lazy but because I'm drained using a kanji radical index and a Chinese dictionary at the same time, lol! And even with these tools, I can't guarantee the correctness. :P

Ranzo to Alto: Repentance is a good thing
Alto: I don't have any regrets
Ranzo: Are you not listening
Alto: HA?
Ranzo (goes to Sheryl): Is this man really any good? (does this man really make you happy?)
Sheryl: Ano...
Ranzo: In this way, I welcome (you) as a daughter (and mentions about preparing for their [Alto & Sheryl's] relationship?)
(I gave up on the other kanji, but unless I'm not sane anymore, Ranzo wants to be in the competition for Sheryl? Tak/Natsu, halp?)

2nd strip, Alto wants Sheryl to have earring back cuz he has her instead (I think...I'll read it more closely later after my kanji radical + Chinese dictionary-induced headache is gone).

3rd strip is about Valentines and Sheryl doesn't know anything about it?

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